Seduction never ends

Renault CLIO

You’ll fall under the irresistible charm of the Renault CLIO

Enjoy its Sensual Curves

Combine our new bi-tonal tints and colour packs to customize your New Renault CLIO to your liking.

Enjoy its Refined Cabin

The interior ambiance of your New Renault CLIO will conform to your desires. The dashboard colour and interior details are adaptable to your personality.

Make Your Everyday Easier

Manoeuvre effortlessly thanks to front, side and rear proximity sensors and a reverse parking cam system.

New Renault CLIO GT Line

Capture the Looks

With its exclusive harmony of Grey Dark Metal, the New Renault CLIO GT Line attracts the eye from all angles: front bumper inserts, mirror shells, door handles, side baffles borrowed from New Renault CLIO RS, rims and back diffuser. The signature GT Line on its tailgate/hatchback leaves no doubt – it is indeed a GT Line!

Revive Your Sportiness

Appreciate design elements worthy of the greatest sport enthusiasts. Our designers borrowed side baffles from the New Renault CLIO R.S. and designed a specific rear diffuser, exclusive 16" or 17 "rims and a chrome plated exhaust pipe. How appealing!

Enjoy the Performance

New CLIO GT Line is available with the most efficient engines in the New Renault CLIO line. Enjoy driving everyday behind the wheel of a remarkable sports car.