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Price is for Life version

Great times ahead

Offering well-ballanced, generous volumes, Renault TALISMAN is an attractive, dynamic saloon car that promises great times ahead.

Appreciate its calm and elegant interior

Take advantage of the on-board space. The Renault TALISMAN offers you an exceptionally comfortable cabin.

Managing MULTI-SENSE® couldn't be easier

Access the MULTI-SENSE® menu easily from the screen of your R-Link 2® multimedia system. All you have to do is turn the rotary control located underneath the centre console to select a driving mode. A shortcut button can also be used to switch to one of two favourite modes.

Designed to appeal

Renault Talisman has a sporty edge that adds zest to the established codes in this category. The car is striking with a powerful visual signature, impressive shoulders and an assertive stance. Refreshingly modern and dynamic, Talisman is innovative and loaded with high value technology. Behold an exciting and executive driving experience that promises your next move with great times ahead.