Renault TWIZY features


Z.E. Box


... based on your annual mileage and the subscription period you want. As part of your battery rental agreement, you are always assured of a battery in perfect working order, with a sufficient charging capacity, greater than 75% of the initial capacity.


Benefit from a complete offer of services with the purchase of your electric vehicle. Z.E. Box is a simple and complete solution, for an adequate answer to all your needs. With the offer "all in one" Z.E. Box, Renault has thought of everything to accompany you in the purchase of an electric vehicle. Let yourself be guided Discover all the advantages of the Renault Z.E range. : 100% electric vehicles, 100% intelligent, 100% pleasure and 0% emission. Choose the model that suits you and personalize it with the range of options and accessories.


Twizy is charging on a single 220V - 10A household outlet. If you wish, you can have a Z.E approved home charging station installed. Ready by a professional to recharge your Twizy.


As part of the rental of the battery, you benefit from a 24/7 support, which covers both vehicle-related breakdowns and those related to the engine and battery. The assistance also covers the power outages for which you will be towed to the charging station of your choice, within the limit of 80km.For your long journeys, enjoy the guaranteed access to the short-term rental of a thermal vehicle on preferential terms with a network of European partners.Finally, warranty extension offers and maintenance contracts specially adapted to the electric vehicle, for the times and mileages of your choice, as well as services offered to simplify your life in electric.