Renault TWIZY makes life fun

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A More urban design

Twizy is THE vehicle designed for the city. Its ground-breaking design and its futuristic architecture will envelop you in complete freedom! Go with Twizy and reinvent your relationship with the city ...Forget the fundamental issues that sometimes discourage people from going out.
Where will I park? Reply Twizy: Everywhere! Stand up, hold out your arms, no need for more space to park a Twizy. How will I get dressed? As you feel like, your Twizy shelters you.

The protector Instinct

Twizy is emotion for two, but with four wheels and two seats that welcome you in tandem. As in any modern and safe vehicle, Twizy is equipped with belts at every seat that hold both frontally and sideways.
Its innovative tubular structure and the driver airbag protect you optimally in the event of an impact. Invite whoever you want with serenity.

Times Are Changing

The future is now. The TWIZY, the ultra-mobile free spirit, will reinvent your city life. You've never seen anything like it. Its completely innovative design is guided by its mission: to wrap you in freedom.