3 places in front

New Kangoo Express 3 places in front

Available on the 3 lengths of the Compact at the Maxi Large volume (excluding ZE), it is an exclusive on Kangoo Express Compact, only compact van to offer it.
3 types of partitions (tubular, complete paneled, complete glazed) with the choice of 3 places in the front.
3 places in front

New in the Kangoo Express range, the 3-seater option at the front is available:

- on the 3 lengths: from the Compact (exclusive on the compact van segment) to the Maxi Grand Volume, - on all levels of equipment. This option is ideal for professional customers who need to occasionally carry 2 passengers without compromising the useful volume.

The 3 seats at the front consist of a driver's seat and a bench seat for 2 passengers, the central seat being a booster seat for occasional use. The comfort of the occupants has been treated with numerous changes in the cabin (door panels and specific hand brake for example) while maintaining the possibility of folding down the passenger files and thus enjoy a maximum length of loading.

The seatbacks of the 2 passengers fold down independently, to allow the loading of long objects (up to 2,38m) or to serve as writing desk.

The storage space under the seat of the passenger seat is easy to access and can hold up to 15 liters maximum.

The 3-seater Kangoo allows the central passenger to travel with the legs in the axis of the pelvis.

The right door panel has been hollowed out to preserve passenger comfort.

The width between the front door armrests is 1353 mm vs 1317 mm in 2 places. The parking brake and the storage bin have been adapted.