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The design of the new Kangoo Express evolves: the new Renault brand identity is emerging on its front, equipped with a new shield and new optics. In the cockpit, the dashboard was redesigned and embellished with a new steering wheel.
The electric version has a more differentiated design thanks to the blue chrome logo and rings and black headlamps in series.

Custom Made

New Kangoo Express offers an exceptional range of widths including: 3 lengths (Compact, Express and Maxi), 2, 3 or 5 places (depending on version). The 3-seater option at the front is a novelty on New Kangoo Express thermal and an exclusive on the compact van segment. Other new features are the Kangoo Express range: new low-power and high-performance engines, back-up camera, new generation ESC with Extended grip and hill start, new USB and Bluetooth radios, multimedia system R -Link with integrated navigation. New Kangoo Express always keeps a wide range of practical and functional options: partitions (full, swiveling, ...), reversing radar, wood trim kit, increased payload ...


New Kangoo Express offers technological innovations to accompany you on your journey and facilitate your journeys.
Your slots are simplified thanks to the camera system located at the back of your vehicle and the return of the image on the screen integrated in the sun visor (optionally on the 3 lengthsNew Kangoo Express offers 2 new functions combined with the " ESC (Electronic Stability Control, also called ESP), available on the new generation engines: Extended grip and hill start assist. Extended grip is a traction control function that optimizes (On slippery surfaces: mud, snow, sand, etc.) It is activated by a button which deactivates the ESC. When activated, the text "soft soil" appears 15 sec. On the instrument panel and is replaced by "road mode" when deactivated. The hill start assist is valuable for startups on steep slopes, hillsides or descent. The vehicle remains immobilized for 2 seconds to allow time to start serenely. All radios available on the Kangoo Express range are equipped with a USB port and are equipped with the Bluetooth® function allowing hands-free telephony and listening to nomad music in audio-streaming. The microphone has been repositioned and the processing of the signal is more advanced, which gives a clear improvement in the quality of the conversations.

Three places in front

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