Enter the race!


Pilot with confidence

Emergency Brake Assist

Capable of detecting a sudden braking, New Renault CLIO R.S. accentuates it to allow you to reduce your stopping distance.

ESP disconnectable

Disconnectable in "Race" mode for maximum sensation, the ESP remains active with other driving modes. It detects any loss of grip and distributes your braking to ensure increased stability.

Hill start help

Do not be afraid to start on sharp coast! With New Renault CLIO R.S., they become a real child's play.


Awaken your sensations

Sport & Comfort

Get on board! With sport seats in harmony red and black, enjoy enhanced support and unrivaled comfort.

Rain & Light Sensors

Concentrate on your driving! The new Renault CLIO R.S. lights automatically come on in the event of a drop in brightness and the windscreen wipers are activated in case of rain.

Automatic locking and electric mirrors

No more bad surprises! New Renault CLIO R.S. locks and rebounds its electric mirrors automatically when you move away.
* Different version presented by Renault CLIO R.S


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Ride Connected

R-LINK Evolution touch tablet

Navigation, telephony, applications ... the R-LINK Evolution multimedia system allows you to stay connected in all circumstances. Genuine on-board computer, it gives you access to all the features of New Renault CLIO RS.

Embedded telemetry R.S. Monitor 2.1

Integrated with the R-LINK Evolution touch pad, the R.S. Monitor 2.1 embedded telemetry tool allows you to monitor your circuit performance. Put yourself in Race mode and set up the New Renault CLIO R.S. Driving aids according to your wishes.