Step into the world of Renault CAPTUR

Its strengths



In terms of innovation, Captur comes to strength by offering a multimedia system board: MEDIA NAV. All radios are equipped with Captur Bluethooth ®, USB and Jack for hands-free calling and listening to music streaming audio.

Intelligent choice


New Tce 120 engine

The TCE 120 EDC combines power and control of consumption (5.4l / 100 and 125g of CO2 / km). Nervous and responsive, it is both powerful and quiet. Its 120 hp deliver 190 Nm of torque at 2000 rpm. For even more driving pleasure, it is paired with the 6-speed automatic dual clutch EDC.

EDC automatic transmission

For more comfort and pleasure, the EDC dual-clutch automatic gearbox is available with the Energy TCe 120 engine. The rise of the gears is achieved quickly, smoothly and smoothly without loss of power. acceleration. The consumption is comparable to that of a manual gearbox.

Pilot Flaps

They automatically adjust the flow of air through the radiator to the cooling needs of the engine. Aerodynamics benefits, consumption too.

Stop & Start Technology

It automatically turns off the engine when Captur is stopped, in neutral: results, less emissions, less fuel consumption, less noise. And it restarts immediately, smoothly and without vibration.

Energy Recovery

By recovering the kinetic energy during the braking and deceleration phases, the ESM optimizes the electrical energy consumption and helps to recharge the battery.

ECO Mode

To further reduce fuel consumption, the driver can delegate part of his driving style to ECO mode, which changes acceleration, torque and power management, air conditioning / heating. The driving becomes softer, the accelerations longer, for more savings.

Driving ECO² in R-Link

In the R-Link multimedia system you will find: - The journey report: quantified assessment of your driving according to the 3 criteria (acceleration, braking / anticipation and gearshift) having an impact on fuel consumption. - Coaching: smart advice allowing the driver to progress on a daily basis. - "My preference trip": save your consumption performance on recurring trips (home / work) to improve yourself.

Defrosting mirror

An electrical resistance, placed behind the mirror, heats the surface when the defrost is active.

Centralized closing of doors and rear windows

A switch on the driver's door, prevents the opening of doors and windows back. To prevent children from opening the rear windows while driving.

Easy to drive

High driving position

Captur has a typical cross-over design (large wheels and high ground clearance), allowing an elevated driving position that offers a panoramic and far-sighted view of the road and its surroundings.

Double adjustment of the steering column

Helps the driver to easily find their ideal driving position. A guarantee of comfort and security required in urban areas or over long distances.

Elevated ground clearance

Drive with confidence and freedom, even in difficult areas: speed bumps, parking area, workspace, potholes, unpaved road ...) You can take paths with stones or potholes without fear of damaging your subframe.

Direction indicators with highway mode

When changing lanes, simply pressing the turn signal control will trigger three consecutive blinkers. In high or low position, the flashing light remains on.

Hill Start Assistance

This help is valuable for starting on steep slopes. It keeps the vehicle stationary for 2 seconds when you remove the brake foot. This allows time to accelerate normally to start without stalling or rolling back.

Rear parking assistance

To facilitate parking maneuvers, the parking assistance system warns you of obstacles in the rear by a sequence of beeps closer and closer depending on the distance.

Rear Camera

Realize your niche simply with the integrated camera system at the rear of the vehicle and the return of the image on the screen of the MEDIA-NAV or R-Link.

Easy to live

Rear Comfort

At the rear, passengers benefit from a dedicated space for more comfort and a real freedom of movement: bench reclining and folding 1-3 / 2-3, sliding on 16 cm; excellent vertical accessibility.

Hands-Free Card

Just wear the card on you! The opening, closing and starting are done without having to insert the card in the reader (according to the level of equipment).