Agile, dynamic, elegant

Exploring new territory in terms of design.

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Captur Concept Car echoes "CAPTUR" illustrating the second petal called "Explore" the cycle of life summarizing Design Renault strategy. This fun and sporty crossover invited "to explore the world in two." The descent vehicle series with the concept car has its source in teams of designers and workshop common design. Today, Captur takes the name, style and details of his inspiration.○ Front panel expressive structured around the large vertical diamond value on glossy black background
○ General curves evoking movement and lightness, with very little line edge
○ Drawing muscular flanks and wheel arches
○ Large wheels in generous wings giving a sporty and robust character
○ Stickers flag incorporating the original silhouette of the roof of the Concept Car
○ Design aerated dashboard
○ Nets elastic storage seatback evoking the sports world of sailing or mountain. They recall the seats and trim the trunk of the concept car
○ Set of soothing light of the ingenious drawer replacing the traditional glove box
○ Specific Warm Color "Orange Arizona" launch color

Fantastically practical

Captur, the new crossover from Renault, performs an innovative synthesis of style and function. It brings a freshness welcome to the urban segment sedans.○ soft, smooth and balanced forms: a strong personality but not "show-off".
○ Design meaningful and robust, based on the Concept Car "Captur" Captur which reflects the spirit and the evocative name. The new Crossover Renault inspires sympathy.
○ compact (4.12 m X 1.77 m, 1.57 m), high ground clearance (200 mm), large wheels (657 mm), underbody protection asserted to explore all facets of daily
○ A sense of space and livability confirmed by the advanced windscreen and favorable internal dimensions: up to 21.6 cm radius Quarter rear passengers, a safe liveable up to 455 dm3 VDA.
○ A colorful interior that exudes friendliness, warmth and relaxation.
○ A range of exterior and interior customization available. Captur plays on the original two-tone paint and contrasting variety of areas, colors and patterns available.