Renault CLIO features


Drive with a Sky View

Light up your journey and fully enjoy the views of the world outside thanks to the New Renault Clio's fixed glass roof.

Sit Comfortably

Ergonomic seating offers perfect support. With its harmonious colours and materials, the upholstery suits the cabin perfectly.

Rain and Light Sensors

Your headlights will illuminate when light levels fall and your windscreen wipers will automatically start in the case of rain.

Folding Rear View Mirrors

When you move away from the New Renault CLIO, the rear-view mirrors fold in and the car locks automatically.


A sudden obstacle?

In case you suddenly hit the brakes, the emergency braking system in the New Renault CLIO activates to help you reduce your stopping distance.

Starting on a steep slope?

Handbrake pressure is maintained for 2 seconds to help you move off with peace of mind when making a hill start.

Loss of adhesion?

With its Electronic Stability Program (ESP), the New Renault CLIO can detect loss of grip when taking a turn. If you skid, it redistributes braking to maintain road grip.

Technology & Multimedia

Optimise your driving pleasure

ENERGY TCE 120 Engine

Opt for performance and experience new sensations. With its new 6-speed transmission, the ENERGY TCe 120 engine offers flexibility and responsiveness for a unique experience with every journey/unique driving experience. With a durable distribution chain for life, the reduced maintenance will enchant you.